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rattan core 2,5mm AA bundle 12,5kg
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rattan core 2,5mm AA bundle 12,5kg

Catalogue number:5002500
:12.50 kg
Our price: 224.46 € inc. of VAT
:goods is in stock more kg
Before weaving is rattan core being steeped, preferably in lukewarm water, in order to get pedig flexible and unbreakable. Don´t leave rattan core soaked in water for a long time - there is s risk that pedig will turn gray and will break. After work is necessary to let pedig duly dry.
Don´t store pedig in the light. Under proper conditions pedig can be stored even for 10 years.
Rattan core is a natural material and therefore can not be achieved 100% quality. Even though every year we go for quality control and discuss improving steps in the production, packaging, storage and transport along with the manufacturer, in such demanding process can not be avoided that a defective rod gets between of high quality material. Just when the creeper would touch the ground in some spots, pedig may break in this point.

Weight difference: +/- 7%

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